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TWO Reasons Why You Should Volunteer for Urban Wholistics

By: Da'Shawna Curlin & Yasmine Crowell

1. Opportunity to Give Back to Your Community/Environment

Urban Wholistics is a excellent start to a overall healthy lifestyle for all ages! We are committed to making strong efforts to improve our surrounding environment. Giving back to the community by donating your time to Urban Wholistics grants a visible and positive change within the city of Toledo. Getting actively involved is the best way to actually thrive in community rebuilding. We want to make a difference in our neighborhood and the lives of the people in it.

2. Teach Valuable Life Skills to Our Youth

We love educating our kids. We provide them with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and lessons that could shape their presepctive and mindset on plant power. We teach them how to grow and maintain a healthy garden, yes. But, we also teach them how important relationships are and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with their peers. Healthy relationships is the formation needed in order for a neighborhood to flourish. The knowledge instilled in the children at Urban Wholistics is introduced at an extremely impressionable age, and we guarantee they will have way too much fun to forget!

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